Health benefits of corn flakes and why you should have it

While you are carefully examining what’s healthy and what’s not at the grocery store, you don’t hesitate for even a second when you toss the pack of cornflakes into your cart. Living in the concrete jungle has its pros and cons. If you have been here for a while, you know the city way of life and you start with- a quick breakfast. 
People are researching every day, looking for an easy hack for a quick fix in the morning because we are all running on deadlines. Even if we did manage to have all the time in the world, we would still ask for more. That’s why to keep up with life in the fast lane and keeping oneself healthy is a challenge.

Yet every single morning, your day is being saved by this one superfood in the golden cape- Cornflakes! Cereals have become a major part of the modern routine and there is no denying that they are wholesome, easy & quick alternatives to our paranthas, dosas & idlis. Cornflake is one of the healthy cereal in the family. People eat cornflakes for weight loss, filling breakfast, and to fuel up their morning.

But are cornflakes really healthy? Let’s jump into the nitty-gritty (science & stuff) of the corn flakes.

Cornflakes are made of roasted flakes of maize (corn. In cornflakes, the sugar content is in the form of high fructose corn syrup according to experts it is a chemically-related sweet-flavored substance. This type of sugar is a simple form of carbohydrate. When we consume cornflakes with milk and fruits it prevents unnecessary snacking and regulates metabolism.

Did you know cornflakes are rich in thiamine? And do you know what Thiamine is? It is an important element that helps increases carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, and cognitive functions. When you have a bowl of cornflakes with fruits and nuts you make your breakfast rich in fiber and vitamins. We all know why fiber is intake should always be high in our meal as it helps in cholesterol control and digestion. Since cornflakes are very low in saturated fat it saves you from a lot of heart-related risks and diseases.

Another super component that makes cornflakes really healthy is iron! Yes, it is high on iron and iron is the main component in hemoglobin. Your blood circulation increases and it reflects on your skin too.

Beware of the breakfast bandits!

Many kinds of cereal manufacturing companies in India try to fool you into buying their products but not many are as healthy as they claim. You might be charmed by the contents and ingredients mentioned on these packs but make sure you are not falling for something which harms your health instead. Most of the sugar-frosted cereals are a gateway to diabetes and cholesterol. If you are not careful in buying the first thing that is supposed to fuel your body, you might end up feeling the opposite.

If you are looking for a pure, unadulterated, quality breakfast option which is not only in the budget but also tastes good on the tongue you should try Kwality cereals. They are breakfast cereal manufacturers in Bangalore and they have high-quality processing of the cereals.

In all, if you are looking for something that’s healthy, wholesome and easy to make, it’s definitely got to be cornflakes. Don’t let your laziness make the worst of you. Eat your breakfast and break your fast with a healthy meal.