About kwality

Goodness in every bite

Kwality has a range of products that will satisfy all your food needs – from the bowl of Breakfast Cereal in the morning, masalas for delicious curries for lunch and the Instant Mixes you need for your late-night cravings. With a product line crafted carefully over two decades, we offer one of the best combinations of tasty and healthy products.
We prioritise our customers’ needs over everything else and manufacture our products accordingly. Using innovative techniques our products are produced with added nutrients in a variety of flavours to satisfy any and every requirement. It is this drive that has led us to become a widespread and well-known food manufacturing company in India.

Today, our Breakfast Cereals, Masalas, Instant Mixes and Herbs & Seasonings have become a daily part of thousands of Indian and international households. If you haven’t experienced our products, try them and we will surely become a part of your family too.

How It

First started in 1998 with only 4 products, Kwality has now grown to become a company that manufactures and sells 75+ products across 7 major categories. Our products reach consumers all over the world. Find out more about our journey to success.

A Promise of Purity, Quality, and Affordability

Kwality promises to deliver only the best. It is a globally recognised FSSC certified company. This means that all the procedures followed by Kwality are in accordance with the international food guidelines and quality norms. We have a food safety management system that has been planned, implemented, and updated.
With an intent to offer our products to all sects of the society, we launched packages worth Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 when we first introduced our Breakfast Cereals. These products were targeted for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in South India. As an organisation, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy food and this was our first step in that direction. We can say with pride that we have been able to practice and uphold our belief to this day.

How we do it?

Kwality goes the extra mile at each stage of sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution to ensure that the consumers get the best product. As a matter of more pride, all the products are made 100% in India. With a vision to provide the healthiest, most economical food option in the market, we have strict guidelines that are never compromised on.


Kwality’s products have reached and satisfied people all across the globe. The items are sold in the USA, Australia, Tanzania, Angola, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Middle Eastern countries like UAE and Qatar. With our internationally accredited ISO certification, Kwality is spreading its wings to more and more parts of the world.




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