5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When you are rushing between 9 to 5, catching deadlines your only best friend is cereal. Breakfast cereals are the best quick fix for your daily hustle. Cereals are healthy and nutritious for morning breakfast. The real battle is between whether to eat healthily or eat deliciously. Nobody likes a mundane breakfast every day. Here’s a secret! We know a trick to have both healthy and yummy breakfast without cheating on your diet. So here are some fun ways you can make your morning meal tasty and wholesome:
Oatmeal fruit meal-Oats are one of the healthiest cereals that are gluten-free and wholesome. If you have a sweet tooth and need that extra sweetness you can turn to fructose. Fruits are a natural source of vitamins and minerals and oat bran is good for weight loss.Add Kwality oats, milk, fruits, dates in a jar and freeze it overnight. You got yourself a takeaway jar of protein-rich breakfast.

Cereal smoothie-Muesli is a power-packed cereal which is a complete package of energy and nutrition. If you are a sucker for smoothies then here’s a recipe- Add Kwality muesli, bananas, milk, peanut butter, and some ice and give it a whirl in your mixer. Kwality Muesli is the best muesli brand for weight loss. Here’s a smoothie that you won’t feel guilty of having.

Fruity Pancakes-Pancakes are full of carbohydrates and it is an easy breakfast option that many people choose to have. You can add colors to your pancake and make it crunchy by adding fruit rings. When you drop the batter onto the pan, top it with Kwality fruit rings and serve with some honey syrup. Indulge in the crunchy, fruity taste of fruit rings mixed with the buttery taste of pancakes.

Cereal cookies-Are you a muncher? Do you get easily influenced by unhealthy snacking? Then there is a healthy substitute for your snaking problem. In a bowl, take Kwality honey & almond cornflakes, add greek yogurt and mix it. Spread it evenly on a pan and cover loosely with a plastic wrap. Freeze it for 4 to 8 hours and then cut it into bars. Put these cereal bars into an airtight container.  These nutritious bars will save your day when you don’t have time to have breakfast. Kwality cereal products are the best cereal products in India. Just take it and have it on the way. 

Cornflake French Toast-If you want to add protein to your morning breakfast, french toast is a great solution. Take Kwality cornflakes, crumble it and top it on the french toast while it is sitting on the pan. Add honey or maple syrup and try to avoid sugar. You have got yourself a protein-packed crunchy french toast with high protein grains!