4 Kid-friendly breakfast ideas to start a day

We remember being taught by parents how important breakfast is. We grew up learning that starting your day with a wholesome meal is substantial. Now that you are a parent, how do you get your kids to eat breakfast who are fuzzy eaters?

The answer is a scrumptious breakfast! Make your breakfast a mouth-watering meal that they can’t say no to.

Before we get to the breakfast ideas, let’s talk about how important breakfast is. If you are a lazy parent and passing on the habit of skipping breakfast to your kids, here is what you should know.

Studies have shown kids who eat breakfast adapt to a healthier lifestyle as they grow up. They perform significantly better than other kids who are deprived of the first meal of the day. Apart from doing well in physical exercises, they also maintain a healthy body weight. Kids who skip breakfast end-up loading a lot more calories at lunchtime because they are famished. A hungry stomach leads to a slow mind. Their metabolism decreases and they seem low on energy throughout the day. The same goes for adults. We have all experienced the consequences of skipping breakfast. So here is a list of ideas that work well for you and your kids will love-

Cornflake cookies- Dip it or bite into it.

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Cereal cookies are easy and taste heavenly. There is no doubt that your kid won’t just like it but will ask for more. Take your basic cookie dough and add cornflakes to it. For added flavor, you can add Nutella to it. These cookies are easy to carry, you and your kid can have it on the way to your respective places or simply add have it with milk.

Cereal smoothie- Shake, stir and savour!

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Here is something for all! You can never go wrong with a smoothie. By the end of the glass, your entire family would want more of this lip-smacking breakfast. All you have to do is blend milk, bananas, rice, and oats. It’s a 5-minute recipe you can carry in a jar. It’s healthy, delicious and quick to make.

Homemade cereal bar- Power Up!

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Who doesn’t like a good bite of a chocolate bar? But eating chocolate isn’t going to do much good for your kid. Here’s a homemade alternative. Make a power-packed energy bar with muesli. Add peanut butter to muesli as a binder and then freeze them in a rectangular bar-shaped tray. And voila! Here is a quick and easy breakfast stacked for the days when you are running late.

Cereal Muffins- Sweet start!

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If muffin makes you drool then here’s how you can make it healthy while maintaining its deliciousness. While dropping in the batter on to the muffin pan, add oats and blueberries. So it becomes a sweet treat full of fiber. Oats is a healthy cereal for kids and you. So this is beneficial for both.

You can choose from various options when you are looking for the best cereal for kids. Fruit rings, choco fills, strawberry fills is some of the breakfast cereals for kids you can try. Even though cereals are a quick and easy fix, most kids might not prefer plain milk and cereals.  Kids are always going to be picky eaters. But you cannot compromise on their health and nutrition. Try these breakfast ideas to make sure that they are eating something they like and you love to make.