Jal Jira


A great appetizer and drink that quenches thirst. It aids indigestion and gives a tangy taste when added to fruits juices, soups, salads, wafers, and popcorn. It is also used in preparing the pani for pani puri.

PACK SIZES - Box 100gms Pouch : 500gms

INGREDIENTS - Iodised Salt, Citric Acid, Cumin, Black Salt, Mint Leaves, Ginger, Fennel, Black Pepper, Ajwian & Asafoetida.


Add Kwality Jaljira to a glass of water, stir with spoon.

Sugar can be added if desired.

Use Jaljira with fruits, fruit Juices, Sugar Cane Juice, Tomato soup, Salad, Egg, Meat, pulao, Tikka, and make them digestive and appetizing.

Use of Jaljira in summer affords relief.

It can also be added to sauce of tomato, coriander, pudina, etc. to develop the taste and make them appetizing.

Addition of Jaljira to fried preparation ( Dal-moth, chiwda, Boondi, fried pulses, all types of wafers, Popcorn etc.) Augment their taste and makes them digestive.

You can also prepare Pani (for panipuri) or Masala soda with this natural spicy digestive.


  • Never use copper, brass, nickel and German silver pots.
  • TRANSFER the contents to airtight plastic container & keep in a cool place.


5 to 10gms at a time with full glass of water. Jalijira can be taken before & after meals or when desired.