Economy Garam Masala


Spices are the basis of Indian Cooking and the Art of blending them in the Essence of it. Now KWALITY Introduces the perfectly blended Garam Masala prepared with the selected Spices. Machine Cleaned, hygienically processed and packed in Laminated Pouch to give you that Great Taste.

PACK SIZES - Pouch: 200gms

INGREDIENTS - Coriander iodised Salt, Chillies, Cardamom Black Pepper, Kasuri Methi, Clove. Turmeric, Tej Patta, Dry Ginger, Cumin & Asafoetida.


Prepare the vegetable of your choice with usual spices in ghee/oil as you normally do. Add 1 tsp Kwality Economy Garam Masala. Stir Vegetable on a low flame for 3 mins. Keep covered for atleast 5 minutes so that the vegetable retains the flavour vegetables or 1 litre of ready dal needs 1½ tsp Economy Garam Masala). Dal, Samosa, Potato, Vada, Kachori, Usal, Pattice, Patra and all types of Farsans tastes best with Kwality Economy Garam Masala.