Dry Mango Powder (Amchoor Powder)


Prepared from unripe mangoes, it is used as a souring agent in both North Indian and South Indian curries. It is also sprinkled oversalads, masala puris, bhel puris, pani puris, etc.

PACK SIZES - Box 100gms



Kwality Dry Mango / Amchoor Powder is produced from hand picked raw mangoes in a most hygienic manner. The dried raw mango pieces are ground and packed in a continuous, automatic packing machine.

This Amchoor Powder can be used in various kinds of North Indian and South Indian Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian curries as an acidulant in place of tomatoes, tamarind and citric acid. Use of Amchoor Powder provides an unique and more acceptable flavour to curries. Amchoor Powder can also be used in a 50:50 proportion along with other acidulant such as tomatoes/tamarind/citric acid.

Amchoor Powder can also be used as sprinkler over different kinds of vegetable salads, snacks such as Masala Puri, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri etc., Amchoor Powder can also be used for Preparing Mangobhath, Mango Chutney and Sambar/Rasam preparations.