Is cereal a good breakfast source nutritionally?

When you wake up in the morning after a night-long fast, your body covets for the first nutritional intake of the day. But how do make yourself a wholesome breakfast amid the daily hustle? The answer is cereals! Now eating cereals for breakfast has become more than just a trend. It’s a ready-to-eat, high-fiber meal that perfectly fits into our typical day.
While there has been an overdone debate whether cereals are healthy or not, we are simply here to lay out the facts to you. So the next time you go cereal hunting you make an educated decision.

Nutritional content in whole grain food and cereals is very high. There are proven facts that they help to reduce the risks of many diseases like- coronary heart diseases, types of cancer, diabetes. Eating wholegrain cereals increases the life span and comes with a lot of other helpful benefits. But before you jump in to start filling your cart with attractive cereal boxes, make sure you aren’t adding a plethora of sugar to your body. You mustn’t end up purchasing a highly processed cereal which has lost most of its nutritional value. You need to get your hands-on cereals made from wholegrain with low sugar levels and high fiber content. You are not asking for too much when it comes to a healthy hearty start to your morning.

Nothing like clearing of the body of the stool early in the morning. This is a sign of a healthy metabolism. And fiber-rich cereal helps you achieve a better bowel movement. This gives your gut a good environment for the good bacteria to grow which in turn decreases the chances for diseases like colon cancer and intestinal infections. The whole-wheat tends to bind with toxins and impurities and get rid of them in the stool.

Cereals could be your gateway to losing weight. When you skip your breakfast the next meal you eat, you end up overeating. In such scenarios, you slowly start putting up on weight. Most cereals are fat-free when taken without sugar.  If you are looking for the best cereal for weight loss, get hold of cereals with less sugar and no added preservatives.

The crunchy and yummy taste of cereals at times you to drive you to lose control over your portion. Make sure you aren’t over pouring your bowl with cereals. Always follow the serving guidelines on the pack if you aren’t sure.

Let’s look into the types of cereals available which can be added to your grocery list-

  1. Oats- All oat are made out of whole grains. They contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan which helps reduce cholesterol in the body. This is a wholesome meal that you can have without having to worry about nutritional intake.
  2. Muesli- The meld of whole grains, dry fruits & seeds makes it a power-packed source of protein.
  3. Corn Flakes- Some basics are the best. Cornflakes are 99% fat-free. They come with added minerals and vitamins. But if it’s all too plain for you, you can add fruits for a peck of sweetness.

While we can give a listicle of 10-15 breakfast cereals brands in India, but these are the three kinds of cereal that top the charts.

Don’t get carried away by the attractive packaging of cereals by the breakfast cereal manufacturing industry. Always be skeptical about the nutrition claim of the brand. Read the contents of the box closely before you get it billed. Always remember the high-low rule- High in Fibre, low in sugar. Make this your mantra for choosing breakfast.

Even if skipping breakfast seem tempting to many, having a hearty meal in the morning comes with day-long benefits.