Why us

Why choose goodness?

Kwality has always prided itself over sourcing the choicest ingredients to make our products the very best in the market. We believe that in trying to bring the nourishment of the products to our customers, we have to load a little goodness with every pack. Here’s how we do it:

Procuring the raw materials: The raw materials and spices that go into our products are sourced from the finest cultivators and select vendors from around India. To top that, we also follow a stringent quality control procedure that is in lines with the international standards.

The process: Kwality operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure that is spread across 2 acres in the industrial area of Harohalli in Bangalore. The plant is equipped with a full-fledged lab and modern machinery, with a special focus on quality produce. The procedure is in lines with HACCP and FSSAI guidelines, and is ISO 22000:2005 and Halal certified.

The people: Our decades of experience in the business of consumer food gives us an edge over competitors. The people who form the Kwality team are the cream of the crop who not only play an active role in all aspects of the business but also closely monitor key functions till the products reach the consumers. Our proficient managerial team comes with the experience of working leading national FMCG companies and other MNCs.

The quality: A stringent quality control procedure, keeping in lines with the current international standards is followed before being processed. The masalas are packaged and presented using top-notch Aroma Retention technology to maintain the fresh taste and flavour. The breakfast cereals also follow a unique automated manufacturing technology.

The packaging: Kwality uses distinct high-quality packaging to position and market its products. There has always been an emphasis on using packaging designs that appeal to consumers. Kwality also started producing air-tight packaging in 2006, way before its competitors. We also use three-layered metalized laminations for retention of aroma, flavour, colour, and taste, preserving the freshness of the product, and to protect it from worms.